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Digital Music Lab 1

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Digital Music Lab 1

Tom Ulichny

Digital Music Lab 1

In this class, students learn the fundamentals of creating digital music through hands on study and application. Students will use desktop audio workstations (DAW) to create their own digital music through recording, processing, mixing, and mastering.

  • Recording - Students learn how to collect source material by both live recording and digital transfer. Topics will include setting appropriate levels, dealing with noise, collecting from online sources, and copyright obligations.

  • Processing - Techniques for modifying the collected source material are taught, as well as various ways of arranging the material. These include phasing, pitch shifting, time-stretching, recombination, and on board effects such as reverb and compression.

  • Mixing - Students learn how to achieve aural balance in their work, using static mixes as well as automation.

  • Mastering - Stereo pan, compression, and equalization are taught both in terms of creating a quality sounding final product and artistic affectation.

Each element is taught as part of a continuum of composition and creation, rather than singular elements that contribute only in superficial ways. At the conclusion of this class, students will have the tools to create their own digital music, and begin exploring MIDI, VSTs, basic sound synthesis, and sampling.

Instructor:  Tom Luther 

Suggested Ages: 11+ 


  • Computer access - laptop preferred to bring to class

  • Audacity DAW - free download

  • Access to Google drive (requires free Gmail)

  • Open, imaginative mind

  • Some musical experience recommended but not necessary

Start Date: TBD

Day and Time: TBD